Course Description

The course provides students with a sound knowledge on concepts, definitions, measures and theories of health transition. This course deals with various aspects of population and health giving special attention to morbidity patterns and health transitions in selected developed and developing countries. The course examines emerging health issues and health care system in Sri Lanka.

Intended Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of the course, students will be able to:

  1. Identify concepts, definitions, and measures of population and health 
  2. Examine demographic theories in understanding health transition in developed and developing counties with special reference to Sri Lanka
  3. Analyze  a wide range of population health issues in developed and developing countries

Lecturer - Ms. Neranjala Sumathipala
Assistant Lecturer - Madhavi Bandara

Course Description:

This course provides the students with an introductory knowledge of dynamics of population change and critical population relevant to policy, programs, and plans. Also it applies demographic research and analytic tools to address current, real world population issues confronting government agencies, businesses, and community organizations in private- and public-sector policy settings.

Lecturer: Ms. Neranjala Sumathipala

Course Description:
This course provides the student with a sound understanding of the family, its formation and dissolution. It further analyses the changes in the family through time and space and the consequences of this change for various members of the family and households, and how this has resulted in the formation and changes of family policies and programmes.

Lecturer : Neranjala Sumathipala


Compulsory for Demography Special Degree Students

Compulsory for Demography Special Degree Students