Regional Development: Planned Approach a Must - Sentinelassam

Lecturer: Mr. Migara Karunarathne
Assistant Lecturer: Ms. Madhavi Bandara

Lecturer- V.P.Nethra Senadhi

Assistant Lecturer- Ishara Wijerathne

Name of Lecturer(s): Ms. Neranjala Sumathipala
Assistant Lecturer: Madhavi Bandara 

Compulsory for Special Degree Students in DMG

Course Description

This course provides the student with a comprehensive knowledge of the concepts, measures, theories, and models of fertility so that the student will be able to analyze the fertility situation in a given context and determine its causes and consequences.

Lecturer: Miss V.P.N Senadhi

Assistant Lecturer: Madhavi Bandara

Course Description
This course provides students with a comprehensive knowledge of population dynamics and their importance for development planning. It uses theoretical perspectives and spatial analysis of demographic data to provide an understanding enhancing development planning.

Dr.Manori K Weeratunga

Ishara Dilrukshi